Our Ingredients

BUTTERS  (click here for more information)

Natural butters are a fabulous product to use on the skin.  They add hardness to our natural soaps and consistency to our butters and balms.   Our balms and butters contain only oils, butters and essential oils, - no water – (click on THIS link to see why we don’t put water in our products).   We use organic virgin shea butter, and organic virgin cocoa butter to nourish skin.   Both butters are rich in vitamins and make a superlative skin food.


VEGETABLE AND NUT OILS  (click here for more information)

We use only vegetable and nut oils in our products.  Many of our oils are organic (sunflower, rapeseed, wheatgerm, apricot kernel, rosehip) and our olive oil is extra virgin.  There are no petroleum based derivates to be found here.  Our oils are rich in vitamins and minerals and make wonderful skin products in their own right.


ESSENTIAL OILS (click here for more information)

We use only pure essential oils in our products.   There are no synthetic fragrance oils in any of our bathing or skin care products.  Essential oils are obtained from the steam distillation of the original plant.  Aromatherapists have, for years, championed the use of essential oils as they contain the natural healing properties of the plant from which they are derived.  These natural healing properties make essential oils a wonderful addition to all our bathing and skin care products.  


BOTANTICALS, MINERALS, CLAYS AND POWDERS (click here for more information)

Botanical ingredients are plant derived and their addition to skin care products brings the natural healing qualities of the plant to the product.   We use items such as rose petals, lavender flowers and blue malva flowers in our products, amongst others.   Click above for a full list.  

Salt is a mineral well known as an additive in skin care products and we utilising this wonderful ingredient in our products.  Salts bring detoxification and exfoliation properties to some of our products.  

Clays have similar detoxification properties and add a silkiness to products.  

We use fruit and vegetable powers in our products as natural colourants and for their skin feeding properties.