Butters and Waxes

Natural butters are a fabulous product to use on the skin.  They add hardness to our natural soaps and consistency to our butters and balms.   Our balms and butters contain only oils, butters and essential oils, - no water – (click on THIS link to see why we don’t put water in our products).   We use organic virgin shea butter, and organic virgin cocoa butter to nourish skin.   Both butters are rich in vitamins and make a superlative skin food.

We use only organic beeswax which is a soothing and hydrating wax that is nourishing with antibacterial properties.  Organic beeswax has not been chemically treated or bleached, and is the wonderfully creamy yellow colour that nature intended.   A staple ingredient in our nourishing lip balms, body balms and butters.