Botanical ingredients are plant derived and their addition to skin care products brings the natural healing qualities of the plant to the product. We use items such as rose petals, lavender flowers and blue malva flowers in our products, amongst others.

Salt is a mineral well known as an additive in skin care products and we utilising this wonderful ingredient in our products. Salts bring detoxification and exfoliation properties to some of our products.

Clays have similar detoxification properties and add a silkiness to products.

We use fruit and vegetable powers in our products as natural colourants and for their skin feeding properties.  


Argile Clay

Argile clays draws toxins from the skin and are a valuable source of concentrated minerals which give products a silky texture and help to regenerate skin, stimulate circulation and soothe inflammation. Available in green, rose, yellow and white they also act as a natural colourant to soap. Argile clays are commonly used in soaps, face masks and body powders.

Bicarbonate of Soda

An excellent skin soothing product and a staple of bath bombs and bath powders. Bicarbonate of soda also has deodorising properties.

Black Pepper

Black pepper adds fragrance and acts as a natural exfoliant in our black pepper soap.

Calendula Petals

Calendula petals are infused in base oils for their reputed ability to help inflamed, damaged, stressed skin. Historically used to help the process of cell regeneration.

Citric Acid

A basic component of bath bombs with skin softening properties. We use a food-grade product

Dead Sea Salt and Sea Salt

Salts help to relieve tension and promote relaxation, and can act as a natural exfoliant in soap. Salts add beneficial minerals to bathing products.

Epsom Salts

Known to have detoxification properties, helping the body to flush out toxins, Epsom salts promote circulation, and help to deep cleanse skin and pores. The use of Epsom salts in bath products may help to ease muscle tension and soreness.

Green Tea

Known to be a powerful antioxidant, green tea is used in products to rejuvenate, heal and protect the skin.

Kelp Powder

Used to detox, moisturise and revitalise skin. A natural colourant in bathing products.


Dried lavender is added to bath products to enhance their relaxing and de-stressing properties.

Rose Petals

Dried rose petals, crushed or whole, make an attractive addition to bath products adding texture and the benefits and properties seen in the essential oil of rose.