All our balms and made with unrefined organic shea butter and organic, cold-pressed vegetable oils.   Some of our balms also include organic unrefined cocoa butter.  

Our balms are true balms and have no water added.  These products are, therefore, rich and a little does go a long way!  Start with a small amount, work this in to your skin and add more as necessary.  For the facial balms start with a one pea-sized amount dotted on the face and work this in before adding more.   The skin will only absorb what it needs and if you apply to much product this can result in a shiny face so, start small and apply frugally until you have worked out how much your skin needs.

We recommend using a clean spatula to remove the balms from the  jars rather than fingers.  Fingers may contaminate the creams because they can harbour bacteria.  If you do decide to use fingers please ensure your hands are washed and dry.