Keep it simple January 29 2015, 0 Comments

You can see from the ingredient listings we give on this website for all our products that we keep things very simple.  Good skin care doesn't need to be complicated.  We use simple natural butters and oils and essential oils - no parabens, no artificial colours, no synthetic ingredients.   I am going to do a series of posts soon about what our products don't contain and why.

In the meantime I wanted to draw your attention to how simple our packaging is too.   All our jars and bottles are glass - a beautiful green colour - which you can make use of again or you can add to your recycling (we also buy our glass packaging from a British company, being a small independent British company we like to support other British businesses).   We wrap our soap in fabric or paper - buy lots of soap and use the fabric to make a quilt!   We send out bath salt refills out in a fabric pouch and our bath bombs and bath melts are wrapped in a combination of tissue paper, brown paper, paper bags, cardboard - all of which can be recycled. 

We always ensure our products are well packaged before posting but don't be surprised if your products arrive in outer packaging that has been used before.  We try to reuse all the packing that our base ingredients arrive in.  As a small business we try to be as environmentally responsible as possible and we are always interested in hearing ways in which we might reduce the size of our carbon footprint even more.