Why shea butter? April 05 2015, 0 Comments

Shea butter is a natural butter which is a fabulous product to use on the skin.  It is made from the pressed nuts of the karite tree and if unrefined (ie., left in its most natural state) it is creamy in colour.

Shea butter adds hardness to many natural soaps and consistency to butters and balms.   Organic virgin shea butter nourishes skin, is rich in vitamins (A & E) and makes a superlative skin food.  Shea butter is high in saturated facts and is reputed to stimulate cell growth making it good for stretch marks

Shea butter can be used directly on skin as an emollient but it is very rich and heavy so can be made more user-friendly by mixing with other ingredients (such as vegetable and nut oils) to make a butter or balm that has a more familiar texture.

The history of using shea butter in cosmetics goes back to ancient Egypt, it was used to protect hair and skin against the sun and now is regarded as having an SPF protection value of around 4-5.

We use shea butter in many of our products - our butters and balms and many of our soaps.   Each product is listed with its full ingredients so check out our products and see which shea-butter-rich products you would like to try.